We are committed to bringing diverse things together: artistry and analysis, traditions and technologies, companies and customers. It’s why we’re called Proterra.


Founded in 1993 as a Direct Marketing agency serving local, regional and national clients, Proterra has since evolved into a full-service marketing and public relations firm that brings together solid experience in traditional advertising with up-to-date savvy regarding the latest communications and information technologies. Proterra quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned at the local, state and national level, building a roster of satisfied clients including household names like JC Penney, AT&T, State Farm and VisionWorks. Our agency has won recognition for its achievements over the years from entities as diverse as the SMU Cox School of Business, the Department of Commerce, and the Communicator Awards. Dallas Business Journal has repeatedly ranked Proterra among the top advertising agencies in Dallas.


Proterra Advertising was created in 1993 with the conviction that the bold concepts, innovative advertising, fresh ideas and the latest technologies could be successfully fused with the precise targeting and detailed performance metrics of direct marketing. Since then, Proterra has developed into a full service, statewide communications agency with offices in Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. Servicing clients like Allstate, Ready Seal, American Airlines Center and the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

Our dedication to direct marketing has proven that solid measurement, effective planning, innovative strategies, exceptional creative, and impeccable execution builds better brands every time, so our clients receive superior services that result in ROI. Our Foundational, Marketing and Advertising program (FMA) helps growing companies align every element of their branding, communications, web presence, marketing and advertising efforts. Our Retail Division develops refined advertising and marketing concepts that integrate seamlessly with the integral hardware, software and human resources of storefront enterprises. Proterra can also provide clients with essential opportunities and insights into the rapidly growing and increasingly important Hispanic market with our extensive multicultural capabilities.